How Much Do Architects Earn In Hong Kong?

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Here we will break down the salaries of architects by level of education in order to make a comparison between the two types of architect mentioned above.

The average salary for an architect is about $30,800 per month. Those with a master’s degree receive a salary of $56,500 per month, 83% more than those with a bachelor’s degree. Fifteen to twenty years: One can expect a wage of $55,500 Hong Kong per month, or about 6% more with ten to fifteen years of experience.

According to the survey by the Association of Consulting Architects of Australia, the average graduate has a salary of $43,200 with two years or less experience, while those with six years of experience earn $63,000. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found that the average salary of an architect in 2019 was $80,750 an hour or $33,882 an hour. At the time of the Forbes survey the highest annual annual salary for an architect in New York was $109,520 ($109,920), while the average annual salary for architects in Massachusetts was $99,580; second highest annual average salaries for architects were in Texas ($95,220), Arizona ($94,060), California ($93,390), Alaska ($91,380), Alabama ($89,260), New Hampshire ($89,200) and Minnesota ($87,020).

Bureau of Labor Statistics provides the median annual salary for different types of architects and identifies where they are employed. The median salary in Hong Kong is HKD 43,700 per month, which means that about half (50%) of people who work as architects earn less than that amount, while the other half earn more. Generally, you want the right side of the chart to be the group that earns more than the median.

The median salary is the middle of the salaries listed for each of the occupations, with half of them earning more and the other earning less. ZipRecruiter broke down their research and provided a chart of the annual salaries of architects from 25th (about $62,500) to 75th ($90,000) with an average of $82,479.

ZipRecruiter says the average salary range for architects can vary as much as $22.92, suggesting that in some locations, after several years of experience, there aren’t many opportunities for higher pay or promotion.

The average entry-level salary of an architect in the United Arab Emirates is $32,170 (AED 11,8144), while experienced workers can expect an average of $98,025 (AED 360,000). The data suggests that the average salary of architects in the US is higher overall. However, the data also show that it increases with experience.

The average starting salary of an architect in Germany is $34,360 (28,959 euros), with experienced workers expected to earn an average of $55,226 (46,540 euros). The average entry-level salary for architects is $12,522 (R $19,1846) in South Africa and experienced workers can expect to earn an average of $39,162 (R $600,000). If these data are correct, the average salary would be about $65,000, making the UAE one of the world’s highest-paid countries for architecture.

The average monthly salary includes accommodation, transport and other social benefits. A person working as an architect in Hong Kong can earn up to HKD 41,300 per month. The average salary for an architect in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is HKD 586,799 per year (HKD 282 per hour).

Despite the crazy hours of work paid in Hong Kong, the city has an average monthly salary of $5,100, while wages in Japan are around $2,500. China and Malaysia are just behind, with salaries around $1,500. Singapore, whose work culture is a unique blend of Asian and Western cultural influences, offers the most promising wages at $3,500, followed by South Korea at $3,200.

The highest paid career of architects in construction has an average income of $470,473 HKD (N / A) (income N / A). The salary information for architects was compiled from an analysis of Australian jobs posted in major publications, and the average salary of a design architect in Australia is about $3,200.

Senior executives, partners, and principals make up more than 95-98% of the US population. We examine not only which careers are best paid, but also what steps you need to take to get a well-paid job in Hong Kong. Your salary is the only important aspect, because it is the decisive factor for the role you aspire to.

They must complete a five-year course of study and complete part-time training for two years. You must also register with the Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) and the Hong Kong Architects Registration Board.

General practitioners in Hong Kong are responsible for providing comprehensive primary care to the population. They assess and diagnose patients, prescribe medicines and coordinate care with other healthcare professionals. The Hong Kong Medical Council is very strict with medical practice in the city, making it one of the best-paid jobs in Hong Kong.

Landscape architects make the most money in the District of Columbia, with an average annual income of $100,690. The most paid landscape architects in the state, with an average salary of $20,000, are in fact less than the national average salary of landscape architects. If you want to make the best and most money in this area, read the full breakdown of where landscape architects “incomes are lowest and where their incomes are highest.

Architects used to draw their plans by hand, now they use computers. Computer-aided design programs (CADD) allow architects to show their customers models in 3D to visualize concepts. The most powerful tool is the architect’s own hand, which can note down fine details and place them where they should be.

The mention of architecture as a career is reminiscent of famous architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, who was celebrated for his love of nature in his designs, and HM Most of the well-known architects are called building architects, but there are also other types of architects who work in design.

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