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Airport Authority (AA) proposes to expand Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) by constructing a third runway. Opponents of the plan are opposed on environmental and financial grounds, but the construction of the runway is urgently needed.

As one of the world’s busiest aviation hubs, HKIA is an airport with approximate capacity, handling more than 1,050 flights per day on two of the current runways with an estimated capacity of 1,200. If the airport reaches its capacity, it will be to the detriment of the Hong Kong economy and its people.

Domestic travellers may spend up to one day (up to 21 days) in the designated high-risk locations before boarding a plane in Hong Kong (see website). Depending on the traveller’s situation, they will be regulated accordingly.

The Ministry of Health has issued a quarantine order for all passengers arriving at Hong Kong International Airport, with the exception of exceptions. The government has taken a risk-based approach to identifying suitable quarantine facilities such as houses, hotels and other premises for different groups of people entering the country. On 18 August 2020, starting at 4am, all arriving from Hong Kong airport must go to the TSCC, which has been set up in a restricted area of the airport to test COVID-19 upon arrival.

A letter of commitment is to be signed and returned to the Minister of the Interior (SHA) by appointment. Passengers will be checked in at a station or check-in kiosk within 90 minutes to 24 hours of departure and baggage tags will be collected. The bilateral agreement allows air travel while they are quarantined upon arrival in the region.

To register your own HKIA account, please check the details in the following section. You can register for an HKIA account at Please note that some documents are required for registration and you need to do this manually.

You can also use the online services to register for the HKIA ARB Professional Assessment (PA / PA) lectures and seminar series, further training (CPD) seminars and on-site visits. You can save waiting times for personal submissions to the HKia office and for online registration for the ARB, PA / PA lecture series / seminars and CPD seminar / site visits.

This information tells you what you should know when using the online registration service. To give you quick answers to frequently asked questions related to Professional Assessment (PA), here is a list of FAQs you can prepare for.

This refers to the qualification for the PA with a qualification that is accredited and recognised by the HKIA. If the candidate has completed 5 years equivalent full-time architecture studies which are either accredited by the HKIA or recognised by the HKIA and meet the minimum requirements for practical experience, he may attend the PA. Graduates with less than 5 years full-time architecture studies combined with an HMIA accredited and / or accredited pre-professional or professional programme must make up for this shortcoming by completing an additional period of recognised practical experience before taking the exams 1, 2, 6, 7 and 8 besides the basic requirement of 24 months of practical experience.

The prerequisite for the training is a university degree in architecture. The experience requirement for prospective students is fulfilled by an internship or an internship of two to three years, depending on the competence.

In many legal systems, compulsory certification is a guarantee that the work or part of the work will be completed as required. The requirement for certification carries a high risk as regular inspections of the work and ongoing work at the site are required to ensure compliance with the design itself and the relevant laws and permits. The approval test is a series of tests required for approval.

Check local regulations before you work in a country where you do not have a license Note: If an architect provides professional services in another country, he or she must be licensed there.

The Architects Registration Board (HKSAR) and AARBA invite the Building Authority (ABAA) to nominate three registered architects (ARASA) for consideration and appointment by the Registration Committee for Civil Engineers (ASERCA) and the Board (SERC) to assist BAA in examining applications for inclusion in the Register of Civil Engineers. An architect is a person who plans, designs and supervises the construction of a building. Anyone who seeks to leave an apartment without permission commits a criminal offence.

The program assignment is indispensable to create a project that meets the needs of the owner. Architects submit early proposals to the client and revise the entire order.

Some members of your chapter are Chinese nationals who return home after studying, while others seek professional opportunities and challenges in a new environment and eventually stay and practice in Hong Kong. Most of them are trained in US architecture programs and licensed in the USA. We have US architects who have moved from large companies to Hong Kong to work on international contracts.

Hong Kong is one of three international locations offering candidates the opportunity to take the exam in a pro-metric examination centre. In 2014, Hong Kong was selected as an exam site for Asia by NCARB and allowed candidates to practice with the flexibility of a US architectural license. NCARB CEO Michael Armstrong’s workshop in Hong Kong will be broadcast live on AIA Shanghai.

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