Salary Range Of Hong Kong Architect

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An architect whose expertise spans from ten to fifteen years receives a salary equal to HKD 53,500 a month or 22% more than an architect with five to ten years of experience. For someone with fifteen to twenty years of experience, one can expect a monthly salary of 56,500 Hong Kongers (or 6% more) for someone with 10 to fifteen years of experience. The following shows the average difference in salary between different architects with the same experience and different levels of training.

Employers with more than twenty years of work experience receive a salary of HKD 61,500 per month which is 9% more than those with fifteen to twenty years of work experience.

The data suggests that the average salary of architects in the UAE is higher overall. The average entry-level salary of an architect in the United Arab Emirates is $32,170 (AED 11,814.44), while experienced workers can expect an average of $98,025 (AED 360,000). The data suggests that salaries are rising with higher levels of experience.

A good example is Georgia, where the average salary of an architect in 2019 was $104,470. In 2015, the average architect’s salary in Georgia was $93,940, an 11.2% increase in wages, which is good enough to make Georgia the highest-paid state for architects. Maryland and Nebraska were not the lowest-paid states for architects last year, ranking eighth and ninth respectively.

Over the past five years, the average architect’s salary in Arizona has increased by 34.2%, meaning the annual salary was $65,980 in 2014 and $85,520 in 2019. Even so, the salaries of the top architects were higher in 2017 and 2018, averaging $95,530 and $96,220, respectively. With an average salary of $64,140 in 2019, Idaho has some of the lowest wages.

At the time of the Forbes survey, the highest average annual salary in New York was $109,520 ($103,920) while the average annual salary of an architect in Massachusetts was $99,580. The highest average annual salaries for architects were paid in Texas ($95,220), Arizona ($94,060), California ($93,390), Alaska ($91,380), Alabama ($89,260), New Hampshire ($89,200) and Minnesota ($87,020).

The average entry-level salary of an architect in Ireland is $30,484 (25,641 euros) and an experienced worker can expect an average income of $72,522. The average entry-level salary for architects is $37,822 (AU $50,527) in Australia and experienced workers can expect the average to be around 69,045 (AU $95,000). The average entry-level salary of architects in Singapore was $21,496 (S $28,852) and the experienced worker could expect to earn an average of $100,590 (S $13,500.00).

The data suggests that the average architect’s salary is much higher in Singapore than in Hong Kong, where the average entry-level salary for an architect is S $21,496.

The average monthly salary includes accommodation, transport and other social benefits. A person working as an architect in Hong Kong can earn up to HKD 41,300 per month. The average salary for an architect in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is HKD 586,799 per year (HKD 282 per hour).

The salaries of architects vary according to experience, skills, gender and location. The highest paid career of architects is construction with an average income of 470,473 HKD (n / a) and an income of n / a.

ZipRecruiter has broken down their research and compiled a chart of architects’ annual salaries from 25th at $62,500 to 75th highest at $90,000 with an average of $82,479. The average weekly salary of an architect is $1,586 and the average hourly wage is $40. The company said the average salary range for architects varies slightly at $22.92, suggesting that in some locations, after several years of experience, there are not many opportunities for higher pay or promotion.

In the UK, the average salary of a professor was £77,930 in 2015-16, according to the Times Higher Education. Other senior academics scored an average of 82,506, while other academic lecturers, senior lecturers and researchers scored an average of 43,607.

German professors are civil servants, and national legislation determines their salaries by state. The salaries of Norwegian academics are determined by collective agreements between trade unions and public authorities. Saco, the Swedish Academics Central Organisation (Sverige Akademiker Centralorganisation) lists the median salary for lecturers in 2016 as an adjunct of SEK 36,900 per month.

The median amount for lecturers is NOK 39,058 per month and NOK 41,358 per month for senior lecturers. Assistant professors earn an average of NOK 40,592 per month, and the average monthly salary for professors is NOK 50,858.

Experienced candidates with HKIA qualifications are considered for senior associate positions. The American Association of University Professors tracks the salaries of academics in the United States. Eris compensation data is based on a salary study conducted by Research Eris.

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